Mother’s day Marketing Highlights!

Mother’s day Marketing Highlights!

Mother’s Day is for celebrating our biggest supporters and showing appreciation for everything they do. It’s also an important date in a market’s calendar and has been the focus of some truly touching ad campaigns.

For many brands, Mother’s Day is an excellent opportunity to generate new sales.

Mothers’ days’ gifts

While flowers remain the most popular gift choice with 64%

The highest average spend was on Jewellery at $40.38 per person.

35% of sons and daughters were interested in getting their mums a subscription box for Mother’s Day,

25% were planning to give them an experience gift.

But are we really listening to her?

Results also showed that 35% of mums actually want to be treated to a nice dinner and 28% want gift cards!

Every holiday means a new campaign that could attract more people! We did a little research, gathered some data, and here we are with the best social media campaign ideas on this special day

1-   Show your face

If you have a team, share their photos too. Ask that every one share a photo of their mum – or even better – a photo with their mum, and share them as carousel posts on your grid for Mother’s Day.

2-   A give away for Mother’s Day

Whether you offer a product or a service, a giveaway is one of the best ways to encourage audience engagement! hosting a giveaway on Instagram is simple (as long as you do it the right way) and a great opportunity to expose your brand to a new audience!

3-   Photo Contest on Instagram

Instagram Stories has become one of the most-used tools by Instagram users, and for good reason! It’s a great way to catch up on the accounts you are following, and for brands, it is a fantastic way to reach an audience without dealing with the ever-changing algorithms of the Instagram feed.

One way you can use Instagram Stories on Mother’s Day is by hosting a photo contest (with a prize for a randomly picked winner).

4- Organize a Poll to know your audience’s preferences

A Poll is the ideal format to know your audience’s preferences but also to highlight your products

5-   Reach out to Mommy Bloggers

As influencer marketing moves more towards micro-influencers, do your research by looking for influencers with high engagement in their comments – not a huge number of followers who never comment on posts – and those who produce quality content in line with your brand values.

6-   Use Trends on social media

Keeping up with trends help your business reach and engage with your audience at the very moment. “Trends’ are a very reliable source of changes in audience behavior. and that will give your business plenty of ideas for marketing.

Some Extra Tips

  • Engage back! The point of creating engaging content is to open the lines of communication with your audience, so dedicate the time to reach out to the customers who reach out to you. Comment on the photos they share, or re-post them on your grid or your stories! Engage with them in a genuine way so you can begin creating long-term relationships with them and build a loyal community around your brand.
  • Keep it relevant! Make sure all your content is for mums in some way. Mother’s Day is about mothers, so make it something mums can enjoy. If you’re doing a giveaway, take the time to curate a prize (or a set of prizes) that is tailor-made for mums in some way.
  • Ask the right questions! If you want audiences to engage with your posts, you need to encourage conversation. That means asking open-ended questions, like “What does motherhood mean to you?” or even “What would your ideal celebration be if you weren’t in isolation?”. Avoid yes/no questions at all costs!

Written by Radwa Elattar