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What is AI impact on digital marketing? One way that AI is changing digital marketing is by automating tasks that were previously carried out by human workers. For example, AI can now be used to create targeted ads, write copy, and design websites. This automation can free up marketers' time so that they can focus on other tasks. AI is also changing the way marketers interact with customers. For instance, chatbots powered by AI are increasingly being used to provide customer support and answer questions. In the future, AI may also be used to carry out more sophisticated tasks such as identifying

According to 2022 Retail Marketing Guide: customers turn to Google every day to browse, research, and buy, people are shopping across Google more than a billion times a day. As online customer behavior focuses on three main pillars: Browse, Research and Buy. Here below some statistics: Browsing Behavior, as shoppers browse across Google and YouTube, they discover new brands and products that are relevant to them:1. Find inspiration from watching YouTube videos. Eighty-four percent of people surveyed in the UAE say that sponsored video content on YouTube makes them more aware of new brands. We see similar trends in Saudi Arabia and Egypt.   2.

How Do You Know if a Video Is Copyrighted? Today it’s the video era and all businesses use video production Whether individual or cooperate, we all use videos with background music. All videos use musical background to enrich user experience, clientele and, mainly increase sales. However, before you start using any background music in one of your videos you should check if there are any copyrights with this music track or song. And that leads us to three main questions: - What is copyright? - How Do You Know if a Video Is Copyrighted? - how to avoid copyright claims? What is copyright? © A copyright is a type

Mother’s Day is for celebrating our biggest supporters and showing appreciation for everything they do. It’s also an important date in a market's calendar and has been the focus of some truly touching ad campaigns. For many brands, Mother’s Day is an excellent opportunity to generate new sales. Mothers’ days’ gifts While flowers remain the most popular gift choice with 64% The highest average spend was on Jewellery at $40.38 per person. 35% of sons and daughters were interested in getting their mums a subscription box for Mother’s Day, 25% were planning to give them an experience gift. But are we really listening to her? Results also showed that 35% of mums actually want