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How Social Media Campaign boosted Bionime sales!

How Social Media Campaign boosted Bionime sales!


Providing an alternative way of viewing the ROI from social media, this case study for Bionime Saudi Arabia shows how social media increased their sale by more than 8 times in one month and saved them spending millions on a new product launch.

Instead of looking at their traditional methods for marketing their products, they turned to social media instead, with a successful campaign and partnership with the right e-commerce platforms.
It also allowed them to reach a wider audience, further extending the value of the campaign.

Campaign Objectives:

Stage 1: Increase knowledge and awareness

Highlight Bionime features and competitive edges.

Illustrate how to use the device in a simple engaging way 

Stage 2: Interact with the audience

Create engaging content to interact with potential customers with an informative and friendly tone of voice. 

Stage 3: Increase conversion

We created a traffic campaign that succeeded to redirect the customers to purchase Bionime products.

Campaign with Amazon and noon lead to a massive increase in sales 

Campaign timeline

Apr-Jun 2020: Start of campaign objective to increase awareness

Jul-Nov 2020: Main objective increase traffic to e-commerce websites and sales

Dec 20-Jan 21: Awareness about the new packaging

Feb-May 2021: Campaign about the new warranty system

“Bionime launched online promotions during white Friday and Yellow Friday, which lead to a massive increase in sales”

Digital Campaigns & Market Demand

The increase in demand for online shopping especially after Covid 19, encouraged companies to shift to the digital world.
Bionime campaign succeeded in influencing customers behaviour which resulted in Increasing the demand and boosting sales remarkably during 2020.

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